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fr4zzu's app

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fr4zzu's app

Post by fr4zzu on Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:58 pm

Contact Information

Name: André
Age: 19
Location: Sweden
XFire Username: swefr4zze
Time zone: GMT+1

Game Information

In-game name: fR4ZzU19
Level of skill in promod: Back in the days i used to play at a high competative skill with both AK and Scope, but it has dropped off with the year. so i would say if you want a set skill: med+'ish
What role do you prefer to play (smg, ak or scope)?: AK(could also play SMG and Scope)

Additional Information

Why do you want to join?: Because I feel like I want to move back into the comp scene of CoD4 due to that i really miss it.

Have you ever been a part of a promod clan and/or team before, if so, which one(s)?:
Netsky(clan) Which I have been with for around 3 years now since it started
NSplay(team) Which is the main team for Netsky(AK)
eVentus(team) Which I played for we made it into acad one week before they shut it down(Scope)
zQpad(team) Another acad team I played with(AK)
inQ.ns(team) High+ team (SMG)
m1x(team) A mix team for a few of my high+/acad/pre.inv mates
F-GAMING(team) High (Scope/AK)
=XG=(clan) Really old Hardcore-promod clan, was 1st on CB 3 years in a row (SMG)

Additional Info: Nothing really, except that I can add some kind of gamesense and do stupid things Smile

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Re: fr4zzu's app

Post by Frantic on Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:00 pm

This guy has been part of the team for quite some time now, just finally got around to making the application. Accepted!


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